Bridging The Gaps: Solutions to Winnipeg Gangs

Youth street gangs continue to be a problem that incarceration is failing to resolve. Gang Action Interagency Network (GAIN), through extensive community consultation, was tasked with becoming the coordinating body to create and implement a plan that would address gangs and the harm they cause. GAIN has worked to ensure the necessary collaboration between all stakeholders to create an overarching approach to the complex issue of gangs in Winnipeg and then all of Manitoba.

Bridging The Gaps: Solutions to Winnipeg Gangs (At A Glance)

This abridged edition of the Bridging The Gaps report highlights key aspects of GAIN's strategy to address gangs in Winnipeg in an accessible executive summary format.

Community Assessment of a Gang Exit Strategy for Winnipeg, Manitoba

Among the major cities in Canada, Winnipeg consistently leads in gang-related violence and homicides. In an effort to address the issue of gangs in Winnipeg, the Gang Action Interagency Network (GAIN) in collaboration with the University of Manitoba, with funding provided by the Department of Justice Canada (Youth Justice Fund – Guns, Gangs, and Drugs) conducted research for the purpose of informing future gang-exit initiatives in Winnipeg.

Gang Action Interagency Network Referral Process

The Gang Action Interagency Network is a grassroots committee with members from over 25 Winnipeg agencies and organizations dedicated to ending gang violence.  This brochure details the GAIN referral process, and includes valuable contact information to assist gang affected youth.  


Revised May 2017.

GAIN Free Gang Tattoo Removal Process

This flowchart explains GAIN's tattoo removal program, and provides contact info for interested applicants.

Winnipeg Outreach Network Resource Guide

WON created an extensive guide of resources for Winnipeg's street-involved population. The guide highlights places to access food, shelter, showers, mental health services and many more.  


Revised March 2018.

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